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Toshiba Excite 10 LE Troubleshooting Guide intended for owners, users and technicians who are trying to fix some minor problems that may arise when using this tablet. You can find a troubleshooting guide on page 93 in chapter 6: If Something Goes Wrong. In this chapter, you will be guided to learn about the problems when you turn on the device, the operating system is not working, internet problems, power and the batteries, display problems, sound system problems, and wireless networking problems.

Toshiba Excite 10 LE Troubleshooting Guide

Toshiba Excite 10 LE 32GB

Summary from Toshiba Excite 10 LE Troubleshooting Guide:

Some problems you may encounter when using your tablet are relatively easy to identify and solve.

This chapter aims to help you solve many problems by yourself. It covers the problems you are most likely to encounter.

If all else fails, contact Toshiba. You will find information on Toshiba’s support services at the end of this chapter.


Problems when you turn on the device

These problems may occur when you turn on the power.


The device will not start.

Make sure you attached the USB/AC adaptor and power/docking connector cord properly.

If you are using the USB/AC adaptor, check that the wall outlet is working by plugging in another device, such as a lamp.

Verify that the device is on by looking at the ON/OFF indicator. If the indicator is glowing, the device is on. Also, try turning the device off and then on.


The Device starts but when you touch an icon nothing happens.

Your device may have an application or resource conflict. Try shutting down and restarting.


The Operating System is not working

Once you are familiar with the Home screens and used to the way the operating system responds, you can easily detect if the it is not working correctly. For example:

• The operating system responds differently from the normal routine

• Screens and apps take a long time to load

• The screen does not look right


Unless a hardware device has failed, problems usually occur when you change the system in some way such as installing a new app or adding an external device. Most issues are solved by “recycling the system” turning it off then back on. If this does not resolve the issue, try uninstalling the most recently installed application or disconnecting the most recently installed accessory. If this still does not resolve the issue, use the About tablet setting to check for available system update. For more information, see “About tablet” on page 74.


Internet Problems

My Internet connection is very slow.

Many factors contribute to the speed with which you can surf the Internet. They include: network speed, network conditions, time of day (when everyone else is surfing, your access can be slow) and popularity of the sites you are trying to access. If accessing a particular site is very slow, try later.


My browser cannot find the URL address I typed in.

Check the spelling of each name and the syntax of the address carefully. A single incorrect letter or missed character will make it impossible for your browser to locate the site.


My browser cannot find a site I bookmarked.

The World Wide Web is constantly changing. A site you cookmarked yesterday may not be available today or its server may be down for temporary repair. Try again later.


Display Problems

Here are some typical display problems and their solutions:


The screen does not look correct.

You can change the display settings by touching the settings icons on the Home screen. For more information, see “Screen settings” on page 61.


Small bright dots appear on your screen when you turn on your device.

Small bright dots may appear on your screen display wjen you turn on your device. Your display contains an extremely large number of thin-film transistors (TFT) and is manufactured using high-precision technology. Any small bright dots that may appear on your display are an instrinsic characteristic of the TFT manufacturing technology.


Sound system problems

The sound settings can be configured to your desired user preferences. For more information, see “Sound settings” on page 60.


No sound is coming from the device’s speakers.

Adjust the volume control.

If you are using external headphones, speakers, or a headset, check that they are securely connected to your device.


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